About You

The Position

Helpers live with us as part of our family. The role involves carrying out my personal care such as bathing, washing and dressing, cleaning my living area around the home and assisting me in my help environment. You are also expected to undertake some cooking activities as and when necessary and prepare lunch as appropriate.


Part of my help involves travel to places such as London, Liverpool, York, Portsmouth, Manchester and Wales. These trips are arranged about once per week and involve sharing the driving with one of my office staff. On some occasions we stay overnight in a hotel when helping away from home. This will enable you to see some other parts of the country whilst you are here in England. You will need to be physically fit and we provide all the training you need.


You will be expected to help for half the week, helping opposite the helper who also helps half the week, which means you have half the week off. The duty system will enable you to attend college if you wish.